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Originally Posted by Flood View Post
There's simply no grounds for a protest. Spectators pushing cars out is a staple of the Dakar, that's the stuff people want to see. I can't remember any protest of that kind passing the green table.

Also, RG has lost enough time as it is, no reason to heap a penalty on top.
Not so... didn't Ari Vatanen get stung for outside assistance when he drowned the Race toureg in Portugal (2006?). a spectator vehicle towed out the car... and (IIRC) he finished the stage on a strap behind one of the VW team T5 service trucks... okay, it was a liason stage (not a special), but he copped a time penalty for it. Also true that this was back when Mitsubishi were analy retentive about maintaining their dominance...

but grounds for a penalty/protest there IS... outside assistance may NOT be provided by any other vehicle/persons than another competing crew. THAT's the rule.
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