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Originally Posted by rdcyclist View Post
Very Cool. Real pretty design.

I would've suggested a tang on the leftside rear for a linear steering damper. The Paralever lever already has a location for the other end of the damper so if you put the tang on it would be easy to drill the lever and install a damper. Would it be possible to program that in?

Another point: From the looks of the last pitcher post, the top of the clamp has pockets milled into it that feed into the clamping area to the sliders. This could cause corrosion problems if dirt and water settle in there and are left for much time. No suggestions other than closing the pocket off before the slider clamp to avoid fusion of the slider to clamp.

Again, good lookin' stuff. I would R&R the ball joint myself...
Hey mate, thanks for the feed back!

You raise a good point but I will do some split drawings and post them on Monday hopefully and that should show why we did it that way. Its a bit hard to explain but the way the top contor sweeps up from the out side edge it starts below the groove, in saying that I spoke with Mark yesterday and we will be able to make it wash out further and also we can drop some small water escape holes in there also.

Also where the relieving is meets with where the forks are turned back into a smaller diameter so where we relieve it should yes make more room for the dirt to get in but in our opinion it will escape much easier. At the end of the day I think it wont be a massive problem when you have a look at the rest of the millions of parts of the bike that can hold dirt and water and create corrosion this should be much less of a hassel as you can see if there is muck build up unlike places around and under the tank suspension engine and wiring harness.

As for the steering damper issue thats easy fixed, just visit our website

Thanks again for the feed back and we will take a look at adding some drain holes
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