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Originally Posted by Quirky View Post
Not liking the Gold option.

The titanium grey is better.
Black I'm cool with also.

What about blue then?

Hey Vaughan
Do different colours cost more than others?
Do different annodised colours effect strength or problems with part integrity?
Haha!! No problem to tell you the truth Im not a massive fan of huge amounts of crazy colours but thats just me!! I prefer the Titainium grey evey time!!

Gota ask though mate........ orange

To answer your other question, all anodising is the same as far as strength with colours, the annodise process is complicated but the colour is only the pretty bit! The hardness comes from the method tempretures of the acid tanks etc etc......

The colours dont cost extra if its a colour we do but as a 1 off it can add 100+ bucks depending on where you get it done. For us we get Gold, Black and Grey - sometimes a bit of blue and some red, BUT!!! we only do red on a special request and at the full responsability of the customer because to be honest its CRAP! Red annosise fades so bad when out in the sun, Red in general is the most UV unstable colour of the lot. Take a look at older red cars and Hondas the look pretty bad some of them!! We do injection moulding also and years ago when we used to mould a well know brand of handguards the red was alway the trickiest to get right.

Best option is to run a vote and we will annodise to the result??? Personally I reckon the Ti grey!!

Hope that helps mate! Im off to the beach
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