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Originally Posted by Rucksta View Post
Your's look like it has the usual mod for the age with at addition of an extra groove on the brake side.
It seems only the "O" ring closest to the brake shoe wears significantly.
I change all three so I can do a swap around in the field if it starts leaking on a trip.

Later models - post '83- have a brass tube running through the FD and were fitted with four "O" rings.

My '82 came with a washer and a felt pad on the brake side and a wear indicator on the lever side - both long since gone.

The leakage around the bolt is typical of a broken gasket.
Std assembly uses a paper gasket; common practice is to use a sealant instead of a gasket.
The variation in thickness of the gasket must be accounted for in the stack of big shims that determines preload on the big bearing.

You may be able to open the housing throw some some sealing goo on the surface and reseal without having to reshim.
Alternately removing the bolt and sealing with silastic may get you through to the next FD service or you may learn to live with the leakage

The hole above the bolt is an inbuilt puller for the inner housing - look for a matching hole at 180 deg.
Moderate heat - propane torch - will ease the disassembly process.

350ml is the specified oil volume.
Thanks Ruksta that's really usefull information and it gives me a progressive plan of action.
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