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Originally Posted by def View Post
The interesting thing about Jim Moore's experience with the Green Bay outfit is that after the GB refurbished driveshaft failed, his post says he replaced the front half with an extra unit he had laying around. That unit also failed 10,000 miles later. Something seems amiss here.
I may have explained it poorly the first time I told the story. Let me try again. At 100k miles on my GS I decided to replace the driveshaft as part of a minor overhaul. I bought a used driveshaft and sent it to MSI. When I got it back I installed both halves of the refurbished driveshaft and kept my original driveshaft as a spare. 5000 miles later the front half of the refurbed driveshaft failed. I replaced the front half with my old front half. The rear half failed at a later time. I replaced it with the other half of my old driveshaft. The bottom line for me is that both u-joints on the driveshaft refurbed by MSI failed in a relatively short period of time.
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