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Originally Posted by Motomedic View Post
Well, I thought I'd introduce myself, and see what ya'll had to say about my plan to move to Spokane.

My ex has moved to Naples, ID and I gotta be close enough to deal with being a dad to these two rapscallions:

At this time, I've spoken to Lone Wolf Harley Davidson about a job, which is looking good, at least for the riding season. I might be a bit hungry next winter, though.

Meanwhile, I am in need of an abode. I know next to nothing about Spokane, other than it's a reasonable distance to the kids without actually living in the mountains. Any advice? I definitely need a garage/shed for the bikes (a 04 KTM 9-fiddy and a 99 Buell S3T) and whatever tools don't end up at my place of employment.

My budget would be somewhere between cheap and poor, and a short commute is pretty important to me. Years of a 50-mile one way commute has pretty much taught me that my time is worth a lot to me. I'm not willing to burn it up on the freeway, commuting. I'm just looking for something simple/temporary to land in. I'll find a more appropriate kid-friendly place after I get settled in and feel better about the work situation.

Any neighborhoods to avoid in Spokane Valley? How's the commute from, say, CDA or Post Falls?

Thought I'd mention I'd be willing to trade maintenance/repair on a inmate's bike fleet as part of a rent exchange program.... (I'm a certifiable, errr I mean certified motorcycle mechanic)
I hope you enjoy your move to the area. If you are going to work at the Harley dealer look in Spokane Valley for housing. It's not a bad place to live and would be close to the Harley shop. WA doesn't have a state income tax where ID does so you might want to think about that if you are thinking about ID. There are advantages to living in ID too though.

Good luck and be sure to join us when we have get togethers.
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