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Originally Posted by Aussie66 View Post
Thanks for that , Too Old, dont have the luxury to stop at Starbucks, i just stop at the service station and one of the guys runs in for coffee planet. (yes I am a lazy bugger).

And my Ipad is being repaired, some muppet shop at MoE said they could fix my cracked scree and it came back and wifi was buggered, no more cracked screen but half of the screen didnt react to my sensetive touch. (MUPPETS).

PS Watching Polish TV last night Kuba Pzygoinski broke up with his celebrity girlfriend. Actually hilarious if you know why they broke up. It was about a tweet he sent. (Boys do your research).

Come on spill the beans!

Kuba is a grand guy but like the rest of us probably likes tail.
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