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Talking The Chronicles of a Moe.ron

Chronicles of a Moe.ron

Transplanted to SOCAL via Uncle Sam‘s orders a little over a year ago, I packed up the family, motos, trucks, dogs and all our worldly possessions, rented our house and dragged everything across the country.
It’s been good, real good…sure we have had our issues here and there, but overall we are freaking blessed and super stoked (learned that word here in SOCAL)

The riding and weather are world class, the terrain is as varied and interesting as I have seen. This time of year you could surf all morning, eat a fish taco and ride 100 miles of twisty to go skiing in the afternoon…make it back by dusk and you can watch the sun burn out into the ocean…

Shortly, like next day after we arrived in SOCAL we met up with the avatar formally known as Serge A. Storms, but after something happened or didn’t happen or we don’t know or it doesn’t really matter …he is now moe.ron…we immediately clicked. We share a lot of same interest, same insanity, same inflictions and same solutions. He is my opposite in a lot of ways…but I can admire that. He goes through bikes, cars, trucks, guns and jeeps like I go through underwear…one change every month whether they need it or not.

Since I have been out here moe.ron has gone through a Tiger 1050, VolksVagen, Jeep, F800R (told you then you should have bought the F8GS!) and is now on a K13F700GS (a proper ADV bike, as he puts it)….thing is…moe.ron has never ridden any dirt…minus the 1 mile of gravel to get into a campsite once in Ocotillo Wells…his dirt experience is zilch!
Now…he has tasked me or I just took on the responsibility of teaching this moe.ron to ride off road…easy dirt…gravel, dirt, unimproved surfaces…we ain’t talking Erzberg …just a bit off the beaten path, …if it’s off the pavement we will say off road.

What are my qualifications? Not much…owned a dirt bike when I was young, but everyone has owned a dirt bike when young…wasn’t any good on it either…never raced….never even road consistently off road, nothing like decades in a row…hell, I’ve only been back to riding on the street with an occasional dirt foray for the last 6 years, but compared to moe.ron….. I am fucking Graham Jarvis

Is it 20/100 vision leading the blind? Well, yeah…

Maybe that’s where you can help out? We are open to suggestions, advice and some good ole lessons learned, maybe meet up with some of the Dual Sporters of SOCAL…I know you fuckers know how to ride.
to be continued soon...


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