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This was done last September...

Advice given was that if I lightly sanded back the original paint, that the new paint would adhere well enough to it. I had already sanded past that point, so off to the local paint shop with the part.
They sold me these to etch prime, then paint.

Etch prime: 2-3 light coats, one hour apart. Lightly sand in between. I used 1200 w&d.
Paint: 3 light coats ensuring adequate cover each time. Light sanding in between. I used 1600 w&d.

It's been cold and wet here lately, temps at 12-14C, rain, fog etc. Not ideal painting weather. So I set up a dual halogen lamp thing that I have (throws out some warmth) and hung the parts about 2 feet away for a wee while. Sprayed the paint on and left them hang with the warm lights on. They've come up well so far. I've completed the black too, but the last picture will be the finished job on the bike.

Complete. I'm happy with the result, but time will tell if it's been done well enough.

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