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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Come on spill the beans!

Kuba is a grand guy but like the rest of us probably likes tail.

Kuba was flying over to Lima for the Rally and after boarding the plane noticed a rather attractive young lady sitting beside him.
He struck up conversation to find out that she was actually a film star who made erotic films.
Way to go he thought and taking the bull by the horns he asked if she enjoyed her job.

“Absolutely she replied, the best job in the world” – well our rider choked on his drink but plucked up the courage to ask more.

“and which nationality of co-star do you prefer” he asked.
“Well it depends” was the reply –
"The Italian’s are great as they last all night, the Polish even better because they stay harder longer, the French as they are the best all round lovers and the Ozzies even better still, as they like the back door, which is my favourite of all”
Well our rider took a deep breath and said –

“G'day...pleased to meet you, my name is Lucesse Przygonski Despres, but my friends call me Ozzie Troy”
What could possibly go wrong?
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