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Bluebulls pre-stage f5 rally intelligence

Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Okay its getting late for me, but here is the closest I have be able to put together a 242KM SS2 with an 85Km IL.

Lets looks at their maps first (apologies for the repost):

After some scrutiny I realized the green line is the real stage route, not the red line, which is actually the main road. The green line goes too far south to be the Carreterra Pan Americana, so the red has to be the liason, even though the Wp's have been put on it. The dirty, sneaky, little, slippery, french..............never mind . Notice the arrow on the green line would be pointing the wrong way as well. Actually it is the correct way, and the route crosses the highway again not far from the finish.

I realized thats also why they dont have any public viewing area along the route, there are just too many other little routes south of the highway in the area that 20,000 spectators would blunder onto with their 4x4s' looking to catch Robbbbbbbiiee Gorrrrdon.

Here is the long section:

And then here is my version of the truth, you be the judge. Its obviously more difficult to do given there will large sections of off piste riding today. The boys ride down through the town of Ica tomorrow early (Blue line), refuel just south of town and begin a special stage (Red Line) that starts with an uphile climb that might "scare a few" to use the words of the ASO. It was really difficult to fit in a route that hit the dunes and sand at the right times but I think I got most of it right. Im pretty sure that there is a bit of a loop north of the higway just before the finish as well with more sand dunes - this is not shown and affects my Long section a bit.

Showing appraximate CP1 position (red down arrow) and the long section:

Later in the stage they will ride through some amazing red martian landscapes before I believe they will cross over to the north side of the main road and end doing the same dunes plus some more near where we saw them ride today, with basically the same view point. Like I said there is a bit of a loop north of the bivouac not shown that should be in as well, I just never had enough time to finalise.

Of course I may be a bit wrong here and there, but the altitudes are generally correctly as are the distances. I also dont have 4-5 hours to refine it. (local organisation rules say I need to sleep to heal as well! )

ADVriders chasing the Dakar wanting to have a unique view of the field and a route round the back: Phone me at 7am local. If you dont know the number there is probably a reason for that.

What will it be like? Well it will look like this:

Close to the start looking north.

No doubt about it, there will be some fast sections as well later on.

When they after following 2 track there will be a lot of dust, but otherwise they should have a relatively clear run. The navigation is going to be very key here for the leaders, while the rest will have it easier if and only if they navigate as well and dont blindly follow Chaleco.
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