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Originally Posted by Ranger Rob View Post
I've just checked-out Cath's bike (the stalling Terra 650) which was the first one delivered in Australia (at least she got some pictures taken and a new polo shirt!)

After hearing the talk i knew something wasn't right, but when the bike was started for the guys to return home......
  • Started and ran fine when it was "cold" and the "choke" was on i.e. running rich
  • Once the engine warmed it started running rougher and if you tried to gently roll the throttle it was ABSOLUTE crap, farting, missing and almost stalling until the throttle was let off.
  • By cracking the throttle open a little quicker you can get some revs up but definately cannot roll it on without stalling.
  • The bike is basically unridable as it stalls when you go to take off from anywhere, be it traffic lights, stop signs etc. so she will get a car running up her ass if she's unlucky
The bike will go back to Husqvarna ASAP.

It astounds me that a dealership could let the bike go out the door like this
What about a little bit of checking after all of the same reported problems from overseas?

When the bike was handed over there was a quick, "fleeting" mention of some mapping that might have to be done at the first service" but they weren't sure if they did, or did not actually have the programme and mapping yet

I am sure this will be a great bike but man.... these things should NEVER have been released like this.

What do you reckon??
All sounds typically BMW to me, they just don't give a long as they get your money, then they take their time doing anything about fixing your bike, and even charging you for it if they can.

Or maybe I just dealt with the wrong BMW places
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