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Originally Posted by some call me...tim View Post
I have a set of Oxford heated grips that I want to hook up, and would like to use switched power--the set I have claims to switch them off if the voltage gets too low, but I don't readily trust that. Ideally, I'd like to use the connection for the OEM heated grips, but if I understand correctly, that won't work because of a relay that turns the power on to that connection separately from the ignition? I know there's the Eastern Beaver kit you can get to make it plug and play, but I was hoping to get these installed this weekend. Is there any way around the relay without getting the EB kit? Or another easy-ish circuit to tap into? (I know people have used headlight circuits before, but I've also heard that's generally a no-no.)

All the relays are the same -- well maybe not every single one but... I looked last time and saw the same relay on three or more circuits. It's a key on thing, just what you want -- it's not "separately from the ignition", if I understand what you meant correctly. If the relay is there or you get a replacement from your dealer for the one you don't have, then the problem is the switch has no less than 6 wires going to it, so you'll need to find the load power vs the lamp power & I guess vampire it or whatever you want. It's all right under the tank just behind the head stock when you have it installed factory, so the harness bits should be tucked away there for you.

If I recall correctly the grips and auxiliary lights are the same relay, and I believe headlights, and instrument cluster too -- the lamps and grips ones are hiding down on the side of the rad under the cowls, and the others are in the battery compartment.

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