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Originally Posted by Masa View Post
Care to elaborate, for a n00b? I got the PCV and dyno tune, and the bike is transformed to something it should have been when I bought it new. Smooth throttle and it pulls strong from 2000rpm.
Problem is that dynos usually do not replicate well the loads an engine sees on the road. Think of a steady throttle situation. How can the dyno know what resistance to provide to the back wheel and what the aerodynamic resistance would be if the bike was on an open road?

On the other hand, I suspect that to have an excellent map done on a dyno with a brake , then the tuning cost will be more than the cost of an autotune. Besides, if you have it, then you may map yourself any changes you do on the bike thereafter, with the added benefit of having the ability to choose between maps (eg economy map vs performance map) on the fly.

In the next few days I will jump the wagon and get the pcv+autotune for my gen1 hayabusa (which also has an unlocked ECU like the 990's), so I will have the chance to play around a bit and share my findings of how well it does what it says on the tin, if you wish...
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