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Originally Posted by Hootowl
McMaster-Carr is the source for non BMW disconnects. Here are the part numbers you need:

Socket /w Barb
$5.91 Part # 5012K671 (straight through)
$7.21 Part # 5012K672 (shutoff valve)
Plug /w Barb
$1.53 Part # 5012K711 (straight through)
$7.09 Part # 5012K712 (shutoff valve)
Your choice for shutoff valve or straight through. BMW stock is with shutoff valve. But the straight through has been noted to be nice if you camp and want the ability to use fuel from your tank for camping stoves or lights.
You may want to get some extra O-rings while you are at it.
Size: Dash 011
ID: 5/16"
OD: 7/16"
W: 1/16"
Stock O-ring is Buna-N, but some people choose Viton as an upgrade.
$2.47 Buna-N (per pack of 100) Part #9452K19
$8.57 Viton (per pack of 100) Part #9464K16
Hootow - thanks for that

Just for information purposes, these connectors are available from BMW as well, at roughly twice the price.

Do you know if anyone makes these in metal?
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