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Shipping my GS in a Penske

I am moving a few states away in a couple of days and I am looking for a good way to ship my GS in a 26" Penske. I have checked a few websites out. I have heard everything from drilling into the truck floor to place eye bolts, removing the bolts that are already there and replacing with eyebolts, strapping it to the side, and using an original crate to mount it in.

I however had another idea. Why can't I just ride it up into the truck and knock it over on it's side, strap it down to something, and toss some heavy shit next to it? I mean, it's a GS with scuffed up crash bars, I think it would be fine. I know 98% of people wouldn't dream of doing this, but my bike is a machine that carries me from point A to B, albeit a bad ass one. My only concern would be fuel leaking, which I can mitigate by running the tank low.

Thoughts? Dumb idea, or GS shipping innovation?
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