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guys... can you keep the noise down a bit?

me: I balance by eye-ball.
look at the slack where the cable enters the adjusting ferrule and eyeball the gap. strive for 1.5mm and keep it metric.

if my eyes are too busy looking for other problems to resolve, or skirts, then I rest my chin on the tank and adjust for minimum vibrations.
everybody knows this is the #2 way (whose snow-bum?) a lot of people tell me this is my best work.

next I'll whip out my *longer* pocket shorting sticks and two long screwdrives so I can demonstrate my auditory acumen while playing a paradiddle on the fins.
this usually dreaws a crowd even in the atacama desert.

and if my tech day dance card hasn't filled-up by then, I'll pull my harmonizer out of my back pocket for the big-buck bling show...
hell, I may even remove my damped $4 manometer-belt to use in parallel so those in the back can see.

cold & wet this morning. good coffee
I may go out to the garage and unbalance a few bikes.
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