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Originally Posted by dman View Post
Dave, I think I've read a few of your posts in the past (bear cubs near Hetch Hetchy?) but somehow missed this thread all year.
........ but the ride I'll never forget, perhaps like you, was going over Tioga last January. ........ Probably never again will that be possible in January.

Seems most of the year round Sierra riders I've met took advantage of last years unique winter, and those that didn't are kicking themselves Glad you got in on it!

Yeah the bear cub , buried somewhere in the Strom picture thread. The day I went out specifically looking for bear and couldn't find any and this one found me

I love those spontaneous photos. Yesterday a small bobcat crossed the road right in front of me, usually I know there is no way I'll have time to get my photo gear out so I just enjoy the moment, but this time I was able to watch the little guy run to a tree and climb the backside. (by the time this story gets to a campfire it will be "I treed a ferocious Bobcat and then pursued on foot" ) Took me a few minutes of searching until I saw him staring me down from inside a hollow part of the tree, never would show me much more than his eyes, and we played a little game where he would duck down, I'd wait a few minutes and then rustle some leaves and he couldn't help but peek up to see what I was doing.

Spent probably an hour stopped at a point of the road I usually just whiz by (or maybe stop for a whiz) and saw familiar sights from a different perspective. Neat.

While I was there heard some bikes coming and took a couple impromptu riders on dualsports shots. Caught up with these riders a bit later, real nice folks, who claimed to be long time lurkers around here, so here's their contribution to the site

Look at that smile! Not sure if it's the wonderful winter riding or the goofy guy on the side of the road taking the photo.

Everyone out doin their thing, love it!
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