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Originally Posted by Mr_Chris View Post

All the relays are the same -- well maybe not every single one but... I looked last time and saw the same relay on three or more circuits. It's a key on thing, just what you want -- it's not "separately from the ignition", if I understand what you meant correctly. If the relay is there or you get a replacement from your dealer for the one you don't have, then the problem is the switch has no less than 6 wires going to it, so you'll need to find the load power vs the lamp power & I guess vampire it or whatever you want. It's all right under the tank just behind the head stock when you have it installed factory, so the harness bits should be tucked away there for you.

If I recall correctly the grips and auxiliary lights are the same relay, and I believe headlights, and instrument cluster too -- the lamps and grips ones are hiding down on the side of the rad under the cowls, and the others are in the battery compartment.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification. I had been gung-ho about just going in and installing the grips until I did a quick search to see if anyone had tips and saw that it might not be as straightforward as I thought. If I understand correctly, it should actually be a bit more like I'd originally expected. I am indeed planning on just using a vampire connector to attach to the existing wiring. I'm guessing maybe things are more problematic if one is trying to simply find the female connector to the OEM harness and hardwire that to the grips (which would have 2 wires instead of the OEM's 3.) Or, I could be talking out of my ass.

Originally Posted by blacktiger
This is easy if you take the tank off. There's a plug for the Triumph grips. Just follow my photos here :-
Excellent, thanks for the pics, that will be super helpful. I'd hoped to be able to do this without taking the tank off, but it sounds like it might be worth the extra effort in this case.
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