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Part One Continued

Santa Clause brought moe.ron this video for X-mas…it is great! Good Job Ned

Between watching the DVD, watching some YouTube and reading a bunch on the interwebs I was ready to teach. Was moe.ron ready to receive? :Eek That’s hard to be determined at this time. Now again, I am not Jimmy Lewis or Rawhyde or Cornerspin. I barely get down the trail without destroying myself, but I am an instructor by trade and like I said before I am fucking David Knight compared to this moe.ron right now.

So, we shut down at the beginning of the road to talk about couple things to practice as we get on down the dirt road….
•Eyes up
•Don’t look at what you don’t want to hit, look where you want to go instead
•Position on bike
•Position on pegs
•Hand Grip strength, don’t white knuckle
•2 fingers on clutch
•2 fingers on brake
•Be aware that front brake may lock every now and again
•Elbows up, elbows up
•Squeeze bike with legs
•Let bike move around underneath you
•Stand up…get use to it…sit when terrain permits, but train to stand a lot
•Oh and don’t forget to turn off all your whiz bang ASC / ABS

A couple things turned into lots of things…my bad…. This moe.ron was over loaded.
“Tell ya what, you just go down the road. I will take off at my pace sitting down. If you turn off main road, wait for me” he says...sounds like a plan

Fair enough, let him get the feel on his own.

So awaaaaayyy we go!!! I am so amped!! I love to watch folks doing things that I love for their first time….I wonder if he’ll love it like I do?

Apache Canyon is rolling hills in the beginning, to flat, gentle turns, few water crossings that are dry 9 months out of the year, no real tough stuff, a good place for a leisurely ride.

This is my first time with the F8 off pavement and I have to say, I like it a whole lot!! Coming off a Wee-Strom (which I fucking love till death) to this is night and day in the dirt. I love the Wee, but it can’t touch a F8 off pavement.

At the end of Apache Canyon is Nettle Springs CG, but the local target shooters have turned it into a 360’ fire at will range …a place to bring the shit around your house you don’t want, shoot it and leave the garbage…it’s gotten a lot better from the last time I was here…it was TVs, Toilets, Bowling Pins, Bottles everywhere…. I like to shoot things just like the next guy, but fuck! Come on!! Clean your shit up son!!

Moe.ron leads the way for a bit…anyone want to chime in or PM what he is doing right and what needs improvement based on his technique here? Wise ass comments accepted as well, don’t be shy.

..guess i should have told him it was a deadend

Tell ya what I saw…good slow comfortable speed, not riding over his head (like me), good line selections, good eyes up…needs improvement on relaxing..get to your happy place moe.ron and breathe…relax…it’s hard to tell in video, but in real time you looked like a dog shitting broken glass…that’s why you were so wore out after only 20 miles of easy dirt roads….and elbows up



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