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I like that route. Lots of canyon curves before Isabella and some mountain curves on Walker pass at the Eastern end. Walker gets some snow, but it does not last long. So can Tehachapi for that matter. Check Caltrans before you go.
Yep, 178 is a hoot. I commuted the canyon for years. Ice is rare but possible under the right conditions. I'd take 178 over 58 though Tehachapi any day...unless you're driving and pulling a trailer. 58 is a complete bore and honestly not much faster. I drove up 178 yesterday and it was perfect- It's dry, it was sunny, and it's starting to green up so it's real nice. 155 is an ice rink up top and I wouldn't go near it. My plan is to ride 178 up to Kelso and then head south and pick up Jawbone out to the 14. North to Indian Wells Brewery for a quick beer and then on to DV. Not the quickest but a little dirt on the way anyhow.
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