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Originally Posted by disston View Post
Do both. In fact buy the Harmonizer tool which is made by an inmate here and really works, I say. I never had any luck with manometers but when doing cars the standard vacuum gauge works great. On my bike it's the shorting rods and/or the Harmonizer.

Good to hear from you HH. Been laying low I think? Hope everything is OK.

How about those rods made by Ranger Guy? You don't think you could find some longer ones do you? LOL
No luck with manometers? I am just trying to save everybody the money they spend on getting the latest electronic equivalent of a manometer every five or ten years. No luck with manometers almost has to mean it wasn't damped properly. It is very easy to damp them and adjust there damping. The harmonizer is deadly accurate? Inches of mercury, water, whatever is THE scientific standard for good reason. It's Mother Nature showing you what's going on. You can't get any more accurate. On the road? When I rarely ever sync carbs out of my shop, I just do it by ear. I can sync by ear just as good as the shorting method. The shorting method IS syncing by ear except you are matching loaded up cylinders one at a time by ear versus matching good, warm clear cylinders while they are both running in their actual running state.
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