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Originally Posted by Kushsprockets View Post
Sorry to hear that Sean, I was waiting on you sending the old part, I looked for the email where I asked you, but I can't find it. (my mistake sorry, I've sent you another email regarding your replacement)......
welcome to the forum, ryan. i hope you can get everything sorted with your product and good on you for joining the forum. one of the mitas tires guys joined the forum and answers everyone's questions on a mitas thread, he's generated a lot of good will through this as the vast majority of manufacturers don't actually want to communicate with their customer base.

on your website, it says the kush sprockets are for dirt bikes being used on the road. i commented earlier that i had my doubts the kush sprockets would handle off road use that well once dust got inside and started chewing things out. keen to hear your thoughts on this, as obviously all the guys here want to use them for adventure riding which means plenty of mud and dust....
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