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I took my new GS out for its first ride in the gravel yesterday and had the exact same issue, no matter what i did it just kept stuttering and missing, it's great on the road, but not when it gets loose. Spoke with my dealer today and they didnt know there was an issue. It's booked in tomorrow. the only other issue, when the lights on the dash are on, is the system activated of not. Bloody confusing. I had the bike stuttering up a hill with the lights flashing and the moment I hit the button it seemed to stop, but around the next bend on the next loose bit away it went with the lights flashing. I stopped the bike and held the button down for a good ten seconds and both traction control and abs lights stayed on, but the moment that I moved off they started flashing and it started stuttering again. Bloody frustrating, i'm all for technology but when its crap its crap.
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