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Originally Posted by CrustyOldFart View Post
Couple questions re the Jesse top case: 1) how is it commuting with the 40L (or is it 45L?) Top box, does it drag much and how is ride wt balance feel with about a laptop case full of weight in it; and 2) from your posts it doesn't seem like you do much two-up riding but do you have a sense if a passenger would comfortably fit in front of that case or would it be too crowded for a comfortable passenger ride? Ok one last question, what is the color of your cases? It looks good on your Kalamata, seems they're black but wasn't sure if that's some off-black color. Ive just got a deposit down on a new Kalamata and appreciate all the experience you share in your posts about the GS bikes.
Crusty Steve
Hey Steve, can't tell you about the jesse boxes but about the Touratech top case. It's (I suppose) like the Jesse one 38l, aluminium. If it can help you I'll share my experience with it:
1. I don't feel the drag whilst commuting with it, and what ever the load is, it's not an handicap (empty, half full, full, full with something strapped on it).
2. I often ride 2 up and my passengers usually love the top case. They don't even need to hold themselfs to the passenger bars and are more relaxed (especially whilst overtaking because of the acceleration). Anyway I know my girlfriend sometimes says that it vibrates a bit but nothing a cussion (pillow?) couldn't take care of.

hope this helps :o) and of course welcome to the asylum!
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