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First of all THANKS for all the work of putting this info together!!

Now I have a question.

Originally Posted by Myway View Post

Method 1:

Dakar Rally 2013 VLC.m3u

Copy code in notepad and save it as a file *.m3u
You can use it in several media players.
Tested in VLC mediaplayer. Latest version required.
You can open VLC several times.
Videolan VLC player, download and install.
Ctrl-H, for screen without buttons.
Record stream and snapshot, in advanced steering mode.
record standard saved in map my documents
snapshot standard saved in my pictures

When I have new streams I update the playlist.

Do you have Dakar TV live stream strings post it!!!!

You can now switch between all TV stations.

(For all who can not................
Flood: tanslation
Copy the stuff in the "code" box, paste it into notepad.
Save this as "MywayDakar.m3u" on your hard drive.
Open VLC player.
Click "Media" -> "open file" and open "KennysDakar.m3u")

#EXTINF:0,Eurosport 1 (English language)
#EXTINF:0,Eurosport 2 Live (english)
#EXTINF:0,ATV (Peru)
#EXTINF:0,GlobalTV (Peru)
#EXTINF:0,ATV+ (Peru)
#EXTINF:0,TN (Argentina)
#EXTINF:0,Fox Sports en Espaņol (Spanish language)
#EXTINF:0,24h rtve (Spain)
#EXTINF:-1,France 2 (France) HQ
#EXTINF:-1,France 3 (France) HQ
#EXTINF:0,France 4 (France)
#EXTINF:0,WEBradio Radio Maray(Chile)
#EXTINF:0,WEBradio Radio Rivadavia(Argentina)
#EXTINF:0,WEBradio Radio UNO(Peru) Stage paso de Tacna a Arica
#EXTINF:0,AricaTV (Chili)
#EXTINF:0,PTV Cordoba 
#EXTINF:0,PTV Cordoba 
#EXTINF:0,WEBCAM Santiago (Chili)
Methode 2:
but you can use it also single, to copy a stream in the mediaplayer
just take copy one string, --media -- open network stream -- enter stream.--play

Method 3, not the easy one, but when you know just simple to use if you have the string:

RTMPDUMP for VLC player. Command line setup.
VLC can not directly open rtmp streams with this workaround it can play the stream.

When I have new streams I update the playlist.

DAKAR Rally 2013
TV PERU (Peru)
C:\RTMPVLC\rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -y "stream_live_1_1_7581736" -s "" -W "" --live --quiet -o- | "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -
TVE La 1 (Spain)
C:\RTMPVLC\rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "live?ovpfv=2.1.2" -f "WIN 11,5,502,110" -W "" -p "" --live -C Z: -y "LA1_AKA_WEB_NOG@58877?aksessionid=1354373154474_46736" -o- | "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" - 
TVE La 2 (Spain)
C:\RTMPVLC\rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "live?ovpfv=2.1.2" -f "WIN 11,5,502,110" -W "" -p "[URL]" --live -C Z: -y "LA2_AKA_WEB_NOG@60554?aksessionid=1354373272985_55619" -o- | "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -
TV Publica (Argentina)
C:\RTMPVLC\rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -s "" -y "livestream" -W "" --live --quiet -o- | "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -
Calama Television (Local Chili)
C:\RTMPVLC\rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -y "streams/live" -s "" -W "" --live --quiet | "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -
Recording stream with rtmpdump

How to:

Dakar Rally 2013 TV streams with rtmpdump and VLC player
What you need =
Videoland VLC player, download and install.
rtmpdump 2.4 download unzip/rar and place the files in a map
for example: RTMPVLC download version 2.4
Then you get:
C:\RTMPVLC\ (files)
It depends on your pc, what system? how the last part of the string is, which path and how many bits.
w7 32bits it is: "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe"
w7 64bits it is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe"
So change the string if needed
Then you hit (the "windows emblem keyboard button + R)
Typ cmd and OK enter.
copy/paste string: C:\RTMPVLC\rtm........oLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -
And VLC opens and shows the TV stream.
You can multiple do this, so then VLC opens multiple times.

I figured out option 1

...but would love to be able to record vlc doesn't have those buttons though.

My player

Your player

I downloaded the rtmpdump-2.4 and unzipped it....but don't have a clue where to go next.

It looks like this when opened.

What's it mean to place files in a map?

p.s. this machine is running windows xp
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