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Well I had one of these too. One of my buddys bought one also. I raced on the weekends and he rode during the week. It took both bikes swaping parts to keep us going. Without a doubt the worst bike I've owned. It was a 125 on steroids. When it was running it was wide open and hang on. We called them the turkey back then because it gobbled transmission shafts and pistons like crazy.

I was a big boy so I needed a big bike. SC500, TM400,RM400,TT500. The TT 500 was far and away the best bike. Bored it to 534 Powrol kit and it was a wheelie machine. It would I guess suck oil up into the air filter and foul the plug when wheelied over 1/4 mile. smoke would roll everywhere out the exhaust. Pull the compression release when the front wheel dropped and it would clean the plug and restart before it quit rolling.

We were trying to climb a really bad hill one day. Muddy,slick and no running room at the bottom. we tried for over and hour to get half way up it. People started lining up at the top watching us knowing no one could make it. No one had made it much over half way and the hardest was at the top.
The SC and I caught it right just one time and when I cleared the top I jumped over a buddys of mine's brand new 250 Elsinore. I had people clearing out. Good times. When the SC's power came on it was brutal.
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