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Went out for an hour this afternoon, urban stuff. Charger is behaving well so I beleive the job's done proper. Big thanks to you guys for all of the help along the way.

Next on the list is steering head bearings and fork boots, wish me luck.

Couple more pics of the last few steps:

I wasted lots of time here. Had a cracked casing on one of the brushes, decided to replace it but smallest diameter heat shrink (pictured) caused the wire to bind prior to brush reaching full extension.

Opted to get some new brushes so spent as much in gas getting up to Norcross only to find 'new' stuff had no casing at all. This was pretty funny but not as funny as when I found the fresh (fully cased) brushes that shipped with Omega 450 buried under a layer of mess. F me! I guess that's what happens when you open your presents and don't install them for a few weeks.

I decided to go with originals as I'd spent the time 'fixing it' Anyone need a pair?

My soldering rivals my welding.

Rick suggests a biz card to assist keeping the brushes clear of rotor. Maybe it's Southern humidity but I had better luck with a snip of piss you off impossible to open without blood plastic packaging.

Thought I was about done here but needed to access the starter solenoid for red wire attachment (kept the original too as it was in reasonable condition.)

Yellow wire want for a spade but I clipped and used a ring. Zappy!

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