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Originally Posted by Dusty View Post
$280... get fukin real.

Change the filters every winter and be done... don't run it low on fuel repeatedly, and you'll be fine.
Honestly, I am not sure how this system is supposed to help the situation.... As far as I am concerned, running the fuel tanks down to zero or until partial will have zero bearing on whether or not the pump picks up anything different from the fuel. Keep in mind that the pump intake is at one of the lowest points in the tanks AND on the 990 ADV it has a nice bowl to keep any heavies contained right there where the pump can suck them up, (can you say WATER?) . So... it doesn't take long for a tank of bad fuel to do its number on the very small filters.

In summary: IMO, the "run the pump backwards" to "flush" (to where? back into the fuel? YEP) the filters is NOT a solution. Also, IMO, running the fuel volume to near zero or any other level for that matter will have zero effect upon whether or not the fuel system draws in bad fuel.
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