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Originally Posted by GH41 View Post
I love this place! The guys with Volkswagons bitch about BMW prices!
I haven't observed that in the 6-7 years I've been hanging around. If you're refering to me, I ride a r12gs
I started this thread trying to find a place to sell my stuff... The village idiots are telling me how little it is worth!
You started out in the right place, with the biggest audience for your goods on the 'net. You failed Why do YOU suppose that is? As for "village idiots", there are several people who spend quite a bit of time in the FM and snap up things that are grossly underpriced and sell for profit. For ME to have bought your bags, you would have had to be asking about $650 for me to make a profit. At $850, somebody who wanted them for themselves would have bought them by now. At $1050 or more, nobody will bother to contact you (as you've discovered) and this is with the biggest audience you're going to find.
I wonder who far you have to go to get banned here???? GH
Getting banned is pretty simple, really. Post pix of boobs, insult family, threaten, or "bait" a mod.

Originally Posted by Loutre View Post
Can we get this right before it is getting out of hands?

For those who will stumble on this thread with the same question:

Flea market

For the others can we get back to basics and talk about bikes, RR aso?
If you can't sell something in the ADV Flea Market, YOU can't sell it. Period.
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