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A few (more) pics from Day 1.

Rally point at Valle Vista. Ersin's bike looks ready for some corner carving ...

... So we railed up Bautista Canyon

Ers and Rich in tow.

Eventually onto some damp and tacky dirt.

(Which I find surprisingly difficult ... Kept running wide on exits because cannot drift the corners and steer with the rear.)

Made a quick stop in Anza for fuel, then around the Rez to Terwilliger.

Heading south on Cooper Cienega TT.

3-fer-1 shot just before Chihuahua Valley.

Rich and Ersin were hustlin' down Puerta La Cruz, so I put the camera away to keep up.

Single lane blacktop after Indian Flats CG ...

... heading down towards Warner Springs.

A few fast miles on San Felipe...

... then a cold run over Montezuma and down to much warmer Borrego Springs for lunch.

Fueled and fed, time to head back up Montezuma

Turned off on Culp Valley a bit before the top.

Sorry to see the area suffered a recent burn.

A couple of washed out sections on Jasper Trail kept things interesting.

Bottom of Jasper, turning left down Grapevine Canyon.

Ersin lookin' smooth.

Chasing the boys down to Hwy78.

Shadows were geting long so we decided to skip Rodriguez and Oriflamme ...

... but still had time to hit Blair Valley on the way to camp.

Or so we thought

Ersin suffered a front pinch flat just before getting back on S2. The office/store at Butterfield (where we were aiming) generally closes at 5pm and it was now quarter 'til. I confirmed that the guys were prepped to fix the flat, then zipped down to camp to secure tent space and supplies. Fortunately, the merchant was staying open late as they were expecting some large groups for the weekend.

More later...

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