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3rd January morning

I should have got going early today. But the sun sea and the soft sand made me hang around till now. It's already 1p.m. The elderly Canadian couple who are on their vacation on a camper trailer were very nice. They gave me a coffee in the morning and a breakfast too. Just before I leave here Rick wanted to exchange addresses. as I was writing down my name I mentioned that I got a difficult name. His reply was "oh don't worry, my name is also a very difficult one".
He watched me over my shoulder as I wrote my name. When I reached the halfway mark of my surname he muttered seriously.. "oh, it's worse than mine"
I just love these little stories.
Ok. Now I better hit the road!

Evening. 3rd January

stuck on a beach in Tecoman. Got off the road into the sand & my rear wheel just disappeared under the sand. Oh well, perfect excuse for camping right there. The sunset was amazing (like every other day) and the curtains opened up for the stars to dazzle. Whole day no rain but the sun. I think I'm even getting a little tan :-D

Late evening.

Enjoying the stars and a small snack with a chai. The beach was visited by quite a few people when I arrived here. But now everybody is gone back to wherever they came from except for one. A dog remained here to keep me company. He dug himself a hole right next to my tent. I'm sharing my sandwich & other goodies with him & as a reward, he looks at me with a thank you. Two seconds later he wipes his mouth with the tongue as much as saying, now I'm ready for the next piece. So our game continues. But I take a break from enjoying the food because I see white misty kind of condition spreading from the horizon high up into the sky. Is that the milky way? May be some of you can enlighten me on that! I take my camera and walk behind the tent so that I can capture the moment for later. When I accidently take a photo with the flash, my eyes divert the attention to the tent for there seem to be some wet patches. I take a closer a look. Darn dogs! They have already began to mark the unidentified object in their territory. I look around for the dog that have been feeding all evening. I see him disappear into the darkness a couple of hundred feet away. Thanks buddy! I yell at him and mutter the words, wait till I get hold of you next time!

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