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i just picked up a pair of XT600 forks from an 80s model and there is no tapering, just 41mm the length of the stancheons. this will help as there is a fair bit of adjustment possible before the forks hit the handlebars......
i'll need to confirm but it looks as though the stock SV650 axle will work in the XT forks which would be a bonus. .
just an update. definitely no tapering of the XT600 forks and they just slid into the SV triple clamps. but the stock SV650 axle did NOT work in the XT forks so just rummaged through a box of axles at the wreckers till i found something that worked.

i did a write up here if anyone is interested in what i'd call an intermediate build, just enough to make the SV650 a reasonable adventure bike but you'd want to avoid anything harder than dirt roads in reasonable condition.

i don't think it's been mentioned on this thread, but there's a handy chart here comparing all the specs of rear shocks that are apparently suited to the SV650.

and another one here by ohlins. useful if you want to try and find a rear shock with similar length but more stroke to get longer travel on the rear. it covers dirt bikes and road bikes.


just click on the pics below to go to the relevant build threads...

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