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The height of them depends on the rainfall over the previous day or so. There is only 1 ford on the Molesworth iirc on Taylors pass rd which is a piece of cake.
The fords at the Nelson end of the Rainbow are ok however they do creep up on you fast - if you see a sign SLOW DOWN. The one Pete fell in was a lil slippery - but he was just unlucky to slide off the front of a rock which spun him round. I went over ok & I think having a heavier bike helps a great deal. I was riding a newish 70/30 front & a half worn E07 on the back.
There are some closer to the
here's another RR I did a few years ago which has a bit more info.

It isn't really in the middle of nowhere as there are heaps of cars & mtbs going thru so don't be intimidated by it
OK thanks doesnt sound too bad.
Thanks also for the posts with pix on your rides.. interesting and entertaining!
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