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Originally Posted by Bigem View Post
Is that from experience or from someone else?

I have had and still own several BMWs and their service has always been first class. Nothing to bitch about on that front.

The biggest problem we have in this country is the low-grade rubbish they pass off as Premium unleaded!

Its so poor no two batchs are the same and causes more problems than anything else.

TheTterra will probably need a re-flash as it will have been setup for quality fuel, not the stinking shit we have to use!!
Three Beemers, two mid 80's models with no big dramas, R65LS I bought six years ago when getting back in to riding followed by a K100RT.
Then came a 2000 model R1150GS that emptied the bank account to the tune of about $6,000 in twelve months, the old Beemers are good, the newer ones are not.

As for the Beemer shops, they all charge 40% more than the average workshop [and some I've dealt with don't even know what they are looking at, one didn't even realise the bike had a Power Commander on it that was causing a problem- subsequently I limped all the way back from Melbourne to Sydney on a bike that would not perform and was drinking fuel at the same rate as a Mack truck], plus parts are a premium, the bikes don't deserve a premium price these days, they just don't stack up.

So no, I'm not quoting from someone else's experience, it is my personal experience and wallet.

Now about your claim regarding our shit fuel in Australia, do you buy from a brand name? [Shell/Caltex/BP/Mobil- though Mobil are selling off all their sites].

You obviously missed a report late last year on A Current Affair where they tested and found in most cases all the grades of fuel sold in Australian servos were actually ABOVE the octane rating for that particular grade, none were below the required rating for each grade tested.

I spent nine years doing runs that took me in to ten or twelve servos a day, with over 300 sites on my list.
Now my job didn't involve anything to do with fuel on the sites, but I was privy to many of the issues on the sites, the culprits that were caught doctoring fuel were not part of the big brand chains and the fuel was doctored after it left the refinery [actually other products were dumped in the underground tanks to dilute the fuel by mixing in with a part load of genuine grade fuel that was dropped in first].

There is basically nothing wrong with our fuel in Australia currently.

I have proved over many years that running Premium fuel in vehicles actually works out cheaper in dollar terms than running the standard unleaded octane fuels...don't start me on E10.

I'm not interested in starting a pissing match about fuels or BMW's, I've simply quoted from my own experience.

I love the old Beemers and will hopefully buy another one eventually, but it will be of 70's- 80's vintage and will not be my daily ride [I will keep the Japanese bikes for that task].

If you have found a good BMW dealer/workshop let us all know where they are

As for the Husky- or any other bike consigned for sale in this country, they should not be having the problems they are at present.

I'm glad you have managed to get hold of some good Beemers Bigem

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