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Originally Posted by Old Git Ray View Post
I handed my bike over to the engineer on Saturday. He will likely keep it for a month while he designs and manufactures a work around for the O2 sensors. Apparently what happens (and this is a UK bike with a different ECU and we have different fuel here) is that with the US ECU Unleashed flash, the ECU kind of figures out that there is a difference on the O2 sensor to what it normally receives and compensates for it. It remembers that compensation and then compensates again...and again etc, until the engine fault light comes on.
Apparently this happens with a lot of ECUs but on most bikes (i.e.older) the problem is not progressive and he also states that often, production racers have the same engine light come on and ignore it (he tunes race bikes for a living).

What he is doing is designing an electronic unit to interface between the O2 sensor plug/socket. He showed me one for another bike, it is a small circuit board in a box with a plug and socket extending from it. Unfortunately the S10 needs 2. On a lot of other bikes, (i.e. the TDM850,) the O2 sensor can just be disconnected, but the S10 gets the hump if this is done.

This is what he has got so far.... It probably (understandably) mirrors the ECU Unleashed one.
Interesting and raises the question of how Diapason and OTR manage to successfully reflash EU-spec ECUs without needing the interfaces. Has he checked into that?
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