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I found your previous post

Looks like other caliper issues too:
I mounted a stock Adv. hub with 19" rim. I don't know what the lace is but the wheels were built by Buchanens. The stock calipers on the SM are fixed thus the need for the disc spacers to allow the discs to correctly hit the calipers. Unfortunately, the SM calipers are a very wide four piston design and while they cleared the stock thin mag wheels, they just barely rubbed the spokes on my Adv. wheels. Nothing horrible, but it did require attention.
What I did was space out the calipers off the mounts with some custom washers and new caliper bolts (the spokes taper in to the center of the rim as you go away from the hub). The stock SM rotors are 310mm and the Adv. rotors are 305mm. That meant that after the new caliper spacers the rotors were not full depth in the calipers by about 5mm (2.5mm in reduced rotor diameter, 2.5mm in caliper spacer). In other words, not achieving full pad contact on the rotor. My thinking on this was 'no problem, it will decrease the sensitivity of the brakes some'. I stand by this and can tell you that the bike still has more brakes than is necessary for the D/S tire. Stoppies, no problem. Front wheel lock up on pavement, unfortunately no problem. I feel that I am careful enough to moderate my brake use and don't see this as an issue. I am now considering switching the Adv. wheels to 320mm discs from a 625smc type bike (which should have the same bolt pattern as the Adv.) which would put the rotors right back in the meat of the caliper pads.
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