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The Manuel Lucchese relief fund

I'll re-tell the story quicky for those who couldn't follow.

Inmate Manuel Lucchese lost his main sponsor, bought a used TM rally bike 1 day before they had to ship it from Le Havre, had someone pay for his flight to Lima, sweet-talked the airline crew to accept his spare engine as a musical instrument (!) and carry-on, then found someone on FB who let him sleep in his place in Lima.

In short, he's on a shoe-string budget without shoe strings. Or shoes.

Yesterday he posted on FB that he's off scouring the bivouac looking for a used (!) set of mousses for the next couple of stages.

ADV Team F5 jumps at the opportunity to help out, Sandi Spears contacts Team Freedom Rally Racing in the bivouac, Manuel gets a new set of Mousse. We are set to get him through that race.

And here we are now:

Originally Posted by neduro View Post
Lets keep this simple.

Anyone who wants to donate to the Manny fund can Paypal to This is my business account, I'll pay the fees as you can't donate (no pp fees) to a business, that's ok. Please put "Manny" in the subject.

When we hit $1400-$100 (my donation)=$1300, I'll refund anything after that and make sure Dave gets Manuel the cash. Will post a total as we get close.

Sound good?

I love adv.

Originally Posted by neduro View Post
Morning, everyone!

OK, it looks like I woke up at exactly the right time. Just checked paypal, and you all have been generous- I have ~$1320 since last night, and Dave has $1440 for me, so we're close enough to perfect.

Let's stop with donations until we have a plan to get Manuel dinero by some other route. If I see anything else come in, I'll ask here what to do, I can refund, or if we have a plan for how to make it available to Manuel, we can do that.

Now to catch up on the firehose...

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