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Yeahh Guys! Thank you for comments! Thanks for viewing!

Merry Christmas !!!Brothers and Sisters!

Originally Posted by rabbitears View Post
I'm really impressed by your build so far, Mikhail. Everything is so clean and precise. The same goes for your workshop! I can't wait to read your future ride report too.

Was it difficult/expensive to clear customs and register the motorcycle which you imported from the USA?

между прочим, я сам жил несколько лет в России в 90-х, и нередко думаю (мечтаю?) о райде в РФ. Не сможете вы рекомендовать какой-то мотофорум в рунете?
Thank you for estimation! I'm happy to take up the challenge)

In the end what's inside is also on the outside..

About customs clearance and registration : it's not a problem but not quite cheap. the whole system is one big cheat) But we have some true ways..
as an example, the cost of my XR was as follows :
Shipping to Finland Kotka 500$
Pick up from Finland Customs to Russia Saint-Petersburg customs , if you go on your own it'll cost about 300$, with the third person it's 500$
Customs Fee for Bike is 43% of average price, it was 1170$ so the fee was about 500$
Customs Broker paper work is about 500$
Registrations is not expensive about 50-70$ + 1 year Insurance for me is 100$

The Total was about 2000$, but sometimes we spend a lot of money on small things like fuel etc.
Lately it's been our bread - we are buying bikes from auctions , ebay or craigslist repairing it and selling here..

Я рад видеть Русскую речь) Всё же россия оставляет отпечатки)
Насчёт поездки думаю это прекрасная идея которая может принести немало опыта и возможности повидать прекрасные места)
Я сам давно на русских форумах не сижу, менталитет общей массы сильно разница с американской открытостью и отзывчевостью)
Но полазил по поиску и нашёл немного из более менее читаемого.

Всех Благ и С Рождеством! ДоБра Сердцам Нашим!
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