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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
That's interesting Ray, I didn't know that. I suppose that that may be why I haven't noticed the famous "off idle stumble" that many others have complained about. (Either that or I'm too ham-fisted to notice!)
The ECUs are different but.... UK bikes have a matched ignition key with the ECU whereas US bikes do not (I believe they have conventional, un-chipped keys) so the differences may just be for the ignition key aspect but in all honesty I do not know.

You make a valid point about the "ham-fisted" thing. If you ride these bikes hard you will not notice it. It is only when ridden slow that the problem manifests itself. Last month I rode slowly with some Harleys and it cut out a couple of times. The other problem (for me anyway) is when riding 2 up. The gentle throttle use, especially in town/traffic is lumpy.

Anyway, where the hell in Guernsey can you ride hard ????
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