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Tracking page upgrades

For those of you in Cliff Notes land, here's an awesome page that inmate Mischa Visser has been working on and improving for several years now.

Great one-stop-shop for seeing the race timing in an easy to digest manner.

Originally Posted by misc View Post
You probably read I have been working on some new toy. It isn't finished yet, but I love it myself already, so I wanted to share it with you. Don't shoot me if things don't work yet.

What is it? A combined overview of all stats I have: waypoints, checkpoints, stage results. I got tired of clicking around over the different pages, sometimes even finding out different results on different pages. I tried to combine all the good stuff together into 1 page.

Filters or stage selectors are still missing, but for now this must be great:

or if that doesn't work yet

I think you will understand what you are going to see. A few remarks:

Please consider this as beta stuff. Always keep an eye on the official results or other sources. Positions are calculated, so they can differ from the official site. It's just to get an idea how everybody is doing and maybe, maybe ;-) it can produce better data than the official.

Waypoints and checkpoints are hidden as long as nobody passed them. This is a technical issue at this moment. On the other side it's hard to determine which CP/WP comes first. This should do well enough and you all know what to expect anyway :-)

Have fun and.... don't kill my server. The page hasn't been optimzed yet :-) So, take care with F5!
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