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Originally Posted by TuefelHunden View Post
I think just about everyone thinks about replacing ESA with standard shocks when it is time to shell out the big bucks for a new set. IMO, you have to have a way to adjust preload. Maybe you are referring to a remote pre-load adjuster??? I know HyperPro shocks have the remotes as an option on most of their shocks and I would sure have it, at least on the rear. This is more guesswork than actual facts. Personally I would go for HyperPro's or Wilbers rebuildable ESA replacements. I love to adjust my ESA on the fly and at least with the Wilbers you don't have to sell the house to buy them.

I think you are right.

The ESA factory shocks are replacable with Hyperpro ESA shocks, which they just move the BMW adjusters over to the Hyperpro shocks.

Alternatively, there are replacement shocks without a remote preload adjuster. These have preload adjustability, but it is awkward to get at and requires a spanner wrench.

A Remote preload adjustable shock will have a knob that is connected to the shock by a length of hose to adjust the preload much more easily.

See the preload adjuster on the frame?

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