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Originally Posted by Hessian42 View Post
Why the tone?

I had hoped people following along the adventure would appreciate the time and great effort involved in taking the type of shots I take by helping me stay on the road and buying a print or two. Though as I already knew before leaving hope is for the weak and one only achieves things in life he makes happen himself. I don't have to share my trip, the places I've been, the way i see things or the stories I've lived, but I do it anyway. The help I've received from the few members of this site I've met in person is more than I could have ever hoped for and without it i wouldn't be where i am.

For those guys and the many who will come, I do it for them!
I didn't mean to imply attitude but just a simple query. I have a friend who also expected to support himself (partly) by snapping as he went, but hasn't found it practical to both travel and find solid subject matter.

I was wondering if you had a contract with some commercial site or magazine or other publication. After all, it's a dream for some of us to travel but we don't have the spare money or can't stand the loss of income during the travel so something to work at and earn as we travel would be a boon. That's all I was after.
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