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Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
I don't think so. It still pulls good off idle. Just a tiny bit of a flat spot and only when you try to make it do it. Riding off road under normal throttle openings and operation, it is better than the old air box. Whack the throttle open at 4K in first on the street and you will flip if the tire hooks up.

I don't think the vacuum signal is a factor at all. Maybe an expert like Head2Wind could chime in if this is really an issue or not.

I have found that the low end jetting--air screws and pilots were not really affected too much by this air box. Needle either. These carbs are so forgiving of jetting that it is hard to tell without the right equipment like a wide band and a dyno. The exceptions are the main jets. It needs FAT main jets, no question.
Are you seeing any MPG difference with the new setup?

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