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Originally Posted by Prutser View Post
On my bike i'm going to use the full travel of the DRZ fork (285mm)
The negative things about my WP48 mm is the friction those forks have.
I have tested loads of upsd forks, and even after a lot of time and effort they don't run as smooth as the drz forks.
With the WP 48 I tend to back up most of the re-bound and compression to get more comfort.
But than there is no controle left

I've re-valved the fork with all the settings you can think of but the friction of the two tubes causes the discomfort.
The only thing that helped was shortening the fork so the the fork tubes had more overlap.
I'm really sad to hear this. I thought perhaps that Slavens had this figured out with the skf fork seals and better bushings. But, with all of your work on getting the bushings right (have you tried the skf seals?), even with the overlap to get to the stock ride height, would you say that the WP48 forks would then be good, Prutser?

Damn, every time I read about a solution to problems on these forks, I find another problem. Starting to question it again.
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