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There are two levers. Too much slack in the handlebar lever is not going to help because the clutch throw out arm on the trans is probably too tight to make up for it.

Look at the arm at the other end of the clutch cable on the back of the transmission. There is a bolt adjustment on this arm and a nut to lock the arm. This arm should have free play. It should move easily when moved forward until it is perpendicular to the rear of the trans. At this point you will not be able to move it easily by hand.

All of this we are saying to encourage you to take an interest in the things that make up the systems on your motorcycle. The clutch has a specific adjustment and if not right they do not work right and they will wear out prematurely. You may get lucky and be able to set the adjustment and it will work fine. But about half the time we hear this same complaint here the clutch is in need of major surgery.

Further instructions for adjusting clutch levers, arms and cables will be found in your workshop manual.
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