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More baby steps today. I'm not sure what happened, but my motivation to go out and spend hours in the cold garage has vanished. So I do litle by little. Maybe it's because the temps have dropped some, or maybe it's because the work has changed from large, gratifying, mechanical chores (installing the the engine and new parts into the engine) to small, tedius, electrical ones. I suspect the latter. Regardless, it must be done, so let's go.

So I start cleaning the ignition coils and brackets.


And after. Not perfect, but much better:

I do at times realize the silliness and futility of going out of my way to sand and paint items such as the ignition coils to make them look better, but they just look so out of place if I don't do it. So I do, or I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

Then I find the nicely packaged and labeled fastener kit for the ignition coils. Again, I can't say enough good about BMW Hucky's fastener kit. Talk about a time saver!

For the first time in the entire project, this had to come out:

I've been very impressed with the masking work my powder coater did. Everything that should be covered is, and anything that shouldn't, isn't. I started to screw in the rear bolt for the right side ignition coil bracket and felt some resistance. Honestly, I can't even be sure that it was powder coat in there. The bike was so dirty, grimy, and in such a state of disrepair that it could have been anything. Found the 6mm tap and cleaned up the threads:

Between Rub N' Buff and antisieze, the poor bike has had more silver residue on it than I care to remember. And looks like a dog hair for good measure!

Fortunately, it all comes off very easily.

I still need to clean off the leads, which I plan to do with a Dremel tool and a light wire brush attachment. Looking back at this post, that's a lot of freaking pics of the ignition coils. Maybe I need to cut back on my photos a bit... Hell, if I had put the camera down months ago, I might have been done by now!
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