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Originally Posted by Carlos M View Post

I can't believe you forgot my 15 seconds of fame!

It was day two, 2007, and it was yours truly who got Vatanen out of waterlock by opening one of the glow plugs. They had not the tools - All the intercooler tubing was full of water, Ari was hasty to restart the car and he waterlocked again, I took out the glow plug again and disconnected the admission tubing. He restarted without air filter (and intercooler) but finished the special on his own steam. It was a special Special Stage in the South of Portugal, very very tight, trucks were not doing this special so Vatanen was without assistance and had a boat to catch for Africa .

I have a pic somewhere and a few seconds of footage from the episode - I must dig that before I loose it.

IIRC he was towed out of the stream by another competitor (no penalty involved in that) but he indeed got some hours penalty on that stage (I never knew if it was because we helped him out). A few days later his Touareg burnt to pieces (not my fault - my friends all teased me because of that) . Ari Vatanen got my phone number through VW Portugal and we called me to personlly thank me - imagine my face when I got that phone call
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Damn, 6 years already? I remember that. "That guy in Vatanen's engine bay! That was one of our Nomads!"

Man, time flies. That high point, followed by Elmer's low point a few days later.
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