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I have a question for the XT gurus:

I have a 1978 xt500, with only 1,200 original miles on it. I know the original owner, and it sat inhis basement from 1991-2012, when I got it.

It has 140 lbs compression and runs great. I did a full service (oil, carb clean, tank clean, plugs, points, condensor, adjusta nd clean everything) BUT, it smokes like a steam train. It usually takes about 1-2 minutes for the smoke to START after I start the bike cold. If the bike is hot, it smokes right away. It never stops until i shut it down. I ahve gone on a few 20-ish mile rides and it runs great, but burns a little oil.

I know XTs usually smoke for a bit after startup if they are wet sumping... but mine is doing the OPPOSITE. It takes a minute or two for the smoke to begin, and then it never stops...

I'm thinking this is valve stem seals.

What do you guys think is causing my smoke?
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