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Originally Posted by tundra61 View Post
Pull the wire back to the panel if you can and go new wires and plastic boxes,
I guess you missed the part where it's a rental

I'll tell you this though, it's now MUCH better/safer than it was. I have one more box to redo and then I'll be done with the electrical.

I've been meaning to post new pics but I keep forgetting to bring the camera to work. All the dry-wall is done and I rebuilt the large ceiling hanging shelves. I'm ready to build the workbench (finally!) after what was hopefully my last lumber yard run. I also scored a nice 8' kitchen counter top for $70 due a small chunk that got broken off in shipment, my garage counter is going to outshine the kitchen

This is the workbench I'm planning on. Should be heavy enough with that counter and most importantly I'll be able to take it with me when I eventually move.
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